Windows CDs for recovery purposes

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Using Windows recovery cd's does not require a license. I will be bringing a
few of these myself in case we need them. XP Home, Pro and OEM of both.

The server i'll be bringing has about 100gigs of space on it without the
Ubuntu iso's I plan on downloading which shouldn't be too much. I'll also be
bringing at least a couple hard drives with a usb enclosure to do backups if
need be. I have a couple 250's i'll be bringing. Not to mention my 60GB ipod
and some other random hard drives. If anyone else has any usb hard drive
enclosures, it might be helpful to bring them. I'll probably invest in buying
a few down the road. They're useful for backups and for recovering data off of
hard drives from someone's pc.

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> > Although this may be met with some resistance, I think we should have
> > a few Windows install CDs around during the InstallFest so that we can
> > have access to utilities to restore NTLDR and the Windows MBR in the
> > case of a failed Linux install, or a botched dual-boot.
> No, we don't have the required licenses to offer that and in the case
> were such a thing would be required we would use the boot next sector
> tool to fix the mbr. besides if it's a duel boot then grub would be
> there anyway.
> > If there are
> > any other ways to get the tools in the Windows CD recovery console,
> > that may be a better option, as Windows CDs may be hard to come by. We
> > should also maybe provide some mechanism to allow users to back up
> > their data before proceeding with the install in the event that a use
> > comes who hasn't done that.
> The backup problem has been running around in my mind ever since 
> Brian DeLacey posed the problem to me with regards to his home 
> network; but which would be useful for installfest networks too. 
> I'll have a play around and see what I can come up with.
> Mike what's the hard drive capacity of your server and what kind of
> capacity can we get?
> Best Regards, Martin Owens
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