possibly putting Edubuntu in a local school

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Wed Sep 19 15:50:32 BST 2007

Fear of their own ignorance. Like most public school "IT Departments", it's
most likely a single person in charge of their network that has slightly
more knowledge of Windows than the rest of their faculty. They can't support
something they don't know, and since Linux is 'basically just DOS', they
want nothing to do with it. Besides, what incentive do they have to learn
something new just so some kids get a better OS? Man, I hope we can open
some eyes there.

From: "leftyfb at left-click.org" <leftyfb at left-click.org>
> Subject: Re: possibly putting Edubuntu in a local school
> "they wouldn't allow any computers running Edubuntu on their network"
> My concern is this statement. First of all, I have never cone across an
> "IT
> Department" working for a school or school depeartment to know anything
> about
> linux other than "is that that scarey non-picture computer program?". I
> would
> like to know their reasoning why they won't allow a teacher to experiment
> with
> a free operating system to help teach kids better than what she has
> available
> to her.
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