Installfest booking/schedule

leftyfb leftyfb at
Mon Sep 17 20:58:05 BST 2007

AWSOME! I'll be hopefully working overdrive when I get home tonight to
post this everywhere it needs to be as well as pull in all the resources
possible to get things planned.

Now lets see if we can get a roll-call on who will be attending. I'll be
making up a wiki page for this but it'll be good to spark up some
activity here as well to get people excited about it :)
Let us know if you're going, if you'll be bringing anyone. If you'll be
bringing any pc's and if you need help with anything at the installfest.

Steve Pomeroy wrote:
> We are CONFIRMED for space in the Media Lab's lower atrium on October
> 13th from 9:00-17:00.
> The address is here:
> and the event will be held on the lower lobby, accessible using the
> stairs when you first walk into the building and by elevator. The doors
> will be locked, but we can have someone open them for people as needed. 
> I'll be looking into getting tables and the like, but will probably need
> some help before the event shuffling things about.
> One of the best things about the event being held in the Media Lab is
> that we have a gigabit connection to an Ubuntu mirror :-)

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