New England InstallFest

Jason M Normand jay at
Wed Sep 12 12:24:15 BST 2007

I am certainly capable of transporting 3-4 + reasonable equipment.  the 
Boston/Cambridge area is not far out of the way for me if going to olin 
or worcester or such. 

We could also rent a van for the day for $100 or so if we wanted to be 
able to bus people.

Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> <quote who="Brian DeLacey" date="Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 10:50:26PM -0400">
>> I think the Olin location
>> <>would be a great one
>> for reaching a more westerly audience, and it could also draw
>> attendees from southeastern MA.
> Olin may be able to work if we have a plan for getting folks from the
> Boston/Cambridge area there and back. The issue is not just that the
> population is disportionately centered around Boston and Cambridge and
> people are lazy, it's that Boston/Cambridge are must less likely to have
> cars. :)
> Later,
> Mako

Jason M Normand

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