Software Free Day!

leftyfb leftyfb at
Mon Sep 10 17:15:10 BST 2007

Why do we not have anything planned for this? It's this Saturday.

Let see if we can get some ideas from people on things we might be able 
to accomplish. Who can possibly meet up somewhere in downtown Boston 
early Saturday for a day of doing whatever ideas people bring up? :)

I'm a bit swamped at work today so don't have the time to go browsing 
around, but could someone go through the web page, google results and 
better yet, other LoCo team pages to see what other people are doing so 
we might follow suit?

Lets get some events under our belt.

P.S. I'm gonna keep bugging about this until I see a definitive 
answer/booking. Any word on the MIT room booking for the Oct 13th 

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