Upgrade/Update Manager problem -- well I have the problem..........

Aaron Haviland orion at parsed.net
Thu Oct 25 03:53:46 BST 2007

Martin Owens wrote, on Oct 24, 2007 at 22:44 EDT:
> Couldn't they just have a way to put clean up scripts in an update to
> fix the problem?

Wouldn't apt still have to download a new version of whatever package
the scripts are in to run them?

Or wouldn't they have to add a functionality to update-manager to be
able to fetch these scripts on the fly, thus requiring apt to download a
new version of update-manager, thus requring apt to be able to work
around the bug in the first place?

I see it as a bit of a catch-22 type bug, in that you can't fix the bug
without fixing apt, and (unless you work around it) you can't fix apt
until you fix the bug.

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