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> I'm allergic to XX and the severity.... (rash, death, ect)

I'm allergic to capacin / capsicum and the severity is anaphylaxis.
In laymans terms, that's death by peppers, including red pepper, cayen,
halbenero, pepper-spray/chemical Mace (tm), jalapeno, Tabasco, garam masala,
chili, sweet green-yellow-whatever peppers, most ethnic takeout food, paprika
(real, Hungarian, or otherwise), pimento (stuffed in green olives or plain),
and foods & sauces containing same (almost any red sauce worth eating,
Worcestershire, Monterrey Jack, ...), and I try to avoid things that list in
ingredients undifferentiated "spices" if I don't have my food-taster with

I can have most ketchup, table pepper aka black pepper (and it's various
non-red colored powder cousins, provided ground from spherical seeds, which
are a different plant entirely from flat-seed sweet/hot peppers), mustard or
wasabi that isn't "goosed" with pepper stuff, ginger, garlic, onion, etc.

I avoid aubergine/eggplant, a close relative of the peppers, and
minimizeskin of potato or skin of raw tomato, also relatives, but seem
to have no
problem with a couple slices, much relief there!

> *or at
> least mark that it contains XX ingredients*

Marking is usually good enough for me. I also ask if it isn't pretty darned
obvious, and when in doubt, I abstain.  I'm used to bringing or stepping out
to buy my lunch -- unless the pizza is really dull ... or has really weird
toppings on a dull sauce -- I'm not tucking into it.  [Oh for Bel Canto's
"In Pepe's Honor", RIP.]

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