I've installed Feisty -- now need to get Comcast HSI up & running........

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 22:32:25 BST 2007

It sounds like you could definitely use a router so you don't have to
switch your networking cables... and a KVM for the
keyboard/mouse/monitor. Quite useful stuff. Also, a router may solve
your problems... it'll handle the connection with the ISP, and I'm sure
that even if Comcast modems have some issue with Linux, your router
won't. My friend uses Comcast and a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, and
his Linux computers connect just fine. (the WRT54G is a great router, by
the way)

George Ernest Noon wrote:
> apologies for using the 'reply to sender' button: I've been mostly
> doing non-list
> e-mail now so long, I' d gotten out of the habit of 'reply to all';
> I'll try to do better.
> As to the result of clicking the Networking icon & Connection
> information, I
> will get right back to you after I've done another switch-over of my
> cables, here.
> Almost makes me wish I'd transferred M$ WinXP installation to the new box
> (almost, but not quite)......
> ~~~~~George
> Caleb Marcus wrote:
>> If you right click on the networking icon and hit "Connection
>> Information," what happens? Also, could you hit Reply All when replying
>> to my messages so they will be CC'd to the Ubuntu Massachusetts list?
>> George Ernest Noon wrote:
>>> Caleb,
>>>     Yes, when the Feisty Desktop comes up, the applet for internet
>>> connectivity whirls 'round a bit, then it pops out a message that I am
>>> connected to the internet
>>> but, when i open Firefox and try loading web pages, I get the unable to
>>> load page window ---
>>> similarly - when I had the e-mail settings not quite right, as I now
>>> realize,
>>> i was unable to send a posting to the list.
>>> is there a cell in Evolution - which is installed on Feisty - to enter
>>> the e-mail
>>> port of the pop mail & smtp mail servers?: I know there is in
>>> Thunderbird,
>>> which is not now installed [but will be after I achieve full internet]...
>>> I am not making all that many quick-changes - from one computer to the
>>> other
>>> --- because my back is far older than my mind, and whines incessantly
>>> if I excercise it too  much in too short an interval.
>>>     Just out of curiosity, Caleb; where are you located?
>>>     i am in northern Plymouth County, Massachusetts - in the town of
>>> Whitman
>>> - of Toll House Cookies & the Toll House Restaurant, where they
>>> originated.
>>> Sadly, the restaurant is gone and a Wendys now occupies part of its
>>> former
>>> location, and an almost completed Walgreen's is in the rest...
>>> ~~~~~~~~George
>>> Caleb Marcus wrote:
>>>> So, are you able to connect to the Internet, and just email doesn't
>>>> work, or are you completely unable to connect to the Internet? This
>>>> Comcast HSI is cable, right? (not DSL)
>>>> George Ernest Noon wrote:
>>>>> Caleb,
>>>>>     Thanks for your quick reply.
>>>>>     I simply took the ethernet cable from the windows computer
>>>>> and plugged it into the ethernet port of the ASUS P5K-V motherboard
>>>>> of my self-built Ubuntu box .
>>>>>     i do already see that I erred in thinking I'd correctly enter
>>>>> all the e-mail settings, from memory, as I've just gotten back on my M$
>>>>> computer and copied out of Thunderbird the right settings.
>>>>>     I still need to hunt down all the other info and settings I
>>>>> can find.
>>>>>     I believe i really must go out and get myself a router - a
>>>>> Trendnet TEW-631BRP wired/wireless router --  likely through NewEgg.com
>>>>> ~~~~~~~George
>>>>> Caleb Marcus wrote:
>>>>>> Comcast definitely works with Linux, it's just another ISP... How are
>>>>>> you trying to connect to the Internet? Are you using a wireless
>>>>>> network,
>>>>>> plugging ethernet directly into the modem, or ethernet into a router?
>>>>>> George Ernest Noon wrote:
>>>>>>> all,
>>>>>>>     I've installed Ubuntu Feisty with a disk I got
>>>>>>> at our 10.18.07 Release Party ----
>>>>>>> it works great; although i did have premonitions of
>>>>>>> being totally without printing ability, with my Epson
>>>>>>> Stylus C66, those worries were totally unfounded: it was
>>>>>>> up and happily printing in just a few clicks.
>>>>>>> Internet connection & e-mail is a different story, though;
>>>>>>> mostly on account of two things, I believe:
>>>>>>> 1. Comcast High Speed Internet lists Linux as 'unsupported'
>>>>>>> & 2. my own inexperience
>>>>>>> I guess, now that I've switched my keyboard, mouse, speakers,
>>>>>>> Ethernet cable and monitor cable back over to my older
>>>>>>> Pent3 533MHz 512MB Ram Windblows machine, I'll do some
>>>>>>> searching through its Internet & e-mail settings (in Firefox &
>>>>>>> Thunderbird, as well as through Control Panel) - get all the
>>>>>>> settings i can find down on paper; but I guess the IP address I'll
>>>>>>> need has to be that of my Ubuntu Box. Question, how do I find
>>>>>>> the IP address of the computer, since it is evidently not
>>>>>>> just automatically filled in?
>>>>>>> Hey!; enough for now: I tend to go really wordy, if I'm not
>>>>>>> careful. Thanks greatly in advance for any & all help.
>>>>>>> ~~~~~~George
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