Release Party -- Afterthoughts

Theresa Hepburn theresa.hepburn at
Fri Oct 19 16:17:43 BST 2007

Hey people,

I thought the release party was a good time, what does everybody think?  
It was nice to chit-chat with you all, especially the folks I didn't 
know so well. The T-shirts were quite memorable. I thought the Globe was 
an excellent location -- not so upscale that my pockets are burned 
through but still nice enough for us to get our own area and good 
service. Do we already have a wiki page for posting ideas for next time? 
I hate launchpad, I'm currently boycotting it (unintentionally because 
I'm still locked out). Also, If you didn't while we were there please 
consider pitching in some cash to Jason for all the food :-) He handled 
the finger food out of pocket.

Next time I hope more of you will be willing to share my bottle with me! 
Really, I didn't put Spanish Fly in it.


P.S. If anyone (**cough**Mike&Sarah**cough**) wants to visit me this 
weekend to fix my power supply I'll supply brunch/lunch/dinner in return.

Dan Allen wrote:
>     From: "Samuel Baldwin" <shardz4217 at
>     <mailto:shardz4217 at>>
>     Hope you feel better soon :/
> Thanks man. It's usually a day of hell, then the next day it's as if 
> nothing happened. I think I gotta stop eating Chinese food, or at 
> least the local stuff.
>     From: "Kwaku Yeboah-Antwi" < kwakuyeboah at
>     <mailto:kwakuyeboah at>>
>     Hey, did you eat a Chef Chows? I also got food poisoning
>     fromeating at Chef
>     Chows. WTH?? Hope you feel better. I might make it tongiht if I
>     feel better
>     but if not, sorry guys.
> Nope, Dragon Island II in Saugus. Maybe they get their stuff from the 
> same place or something. Hope you feel better soon too.
> To everyone that's well enough to attend the release party, have fun 
> and let everyone else around know why today's worth celebrating. Oh, 
> and don't get any food poisoning!

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