Compiz in Gutsy?

leftyfb leftyfb at
Mon Oct 15 18:57:08 BST 2007

If you've been doing the regular updates for all these gutsy machines,
then you are running the same version across all machines. The updates
bring you to the latest version which at the moment is the rc.

As for your laptop with nvidia, if you have the restricted drivers
installed, installed compizconfig-settings-manager and enabled desktop
effects, the same settings in compiz should apply.

Brian DeLacey wrote:
> I'll update the list when I get this figured out.  So far ....
> With your helpful guidance, I got the cube rotating on my laptop ... so
> inching closer. That machine is about 2 years old (or more).
> However, my three month-old Dell desktop (with Nvidia) doesn't do the
> cube rotation. (I have the restricted binaries on it, so that's not the
> issue.)
> Then I noticed the way you set preferences for "workspaces" in the lower
> right panel worked differently.
> So here is a partial explanation:
> My Dell desktop is is running the RC; my Dell laptop is running a build
> that is maybe a week or so old. So there seems to be bugs introduced
> between the two builds, (Funny thing, if you add all the features that
> work on one with the features that work on the other, almost all the
> features work somewhere!) At least "fire writing" works on both.
> They've also changed the GUI - e.g. the way you specify workspaces is
> different on these two machines. To really spook you, in advance of
> Halloween, I have a THIRD desktop running the RC that works differently
> (the GUI for setting workspace prefs has a few new bits to it about
> names of workspace.)
> I like Martin's approach to time management: wait until it ships :) But
> I can't imagine how it would be to miss all the fun of pre-release builds!
> Thanks for your help!
> On 10/15/07, *Brian DeLacey* <bdelacey at
> <mailto:bdelacey at>> wrote:
>     darn ... it just doesn't work for me. I have things checked like you
>     say .... hmmm, I must be doing something wrong.
>     At least I have the fire and water droplets :) - but I can't get the
>     windshield wipers to work. How will I survive :)
>     On 10/15/07, *leftyfb* < leftyfb at
>     <mailto:leftyfb at>> wrote:
>         sudo apt-apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
>         then run "ccsm" or system - preferences - compiz settings manager
>         Under "Desktop" make sure "desktop cube" and "rotate cube" are
>         checked.
>         It might complain about desktop wall being enabled and that in
>         order for
>         you to use desktop cube it'll disable desktop wall. This is fine. Go
>         ahead and disable desktop wall. Once that's done, you rotate the
>         cube by
>         holding middle-click with the mouse on the desktop and move your
>         mouse.
>         You can use CTRL-ALT left/right using the keyboard. There are other
>         shortcuts you can find by clicking on "desktop cube" or "rotate
>         cube"
>         and going to the command/actions tab on the right.
>         P.S. try to send these to the mailing list so everyone can take
>         part :)
>         Martin Owens wrote:
>         > I've not used gutsy
>         >
>         > On 15/10/2007, Brian DeLacey < bdelacey at
>         <mailto:bdelacey at>> wrote:
>         >> Have you had any success getting the cube rotation to work in
>         Gutsy? I may
>         >> just not have the right command-key sequence. I can get some
>         of the effects
>         >> - like fire writing and water dripping - but not the cube.
>         >>
>         >> Thanks,
>         >> Brian
>     -- 
>     Brian 
> -- 
> Brian

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