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Fri Oct 12 18:55:58 BST 2007

Hello Brian,

Good point!  Personally, I don't think we really need to move to sell
Canonical support to end users. These users have community support
(mailing lists, wiki's, IRC, etc.) and the entire Ubuntu Mass Team
behind them. And what an amazing community it is. =)If they need a
number to call for paid support we should certainly offer that from many
great people in our group or any of the organizations in the Ubuntu

Honestly, I think the Canonical desktop support option as Martin pointed
out is a bit steep for a single desktop for a home user. The intended
focus seems to be small/medium/large business customer who can afford
that offering without issue. It would be great if there were a less
expensive,individual user support offering. =P  

I too am not getting a commission on Ubuntu.  =P  But this is the nature
of the ecosystem that creates and supports FOSS itself.  =P  We
volunteer because we want to make a difference and I guess our payment
comes in good Karma and a better world.  Commercial/Business involvement
in FOSS has been a very positive element in its evolution and can
continue to be in the hands of good companies that have
sponsored/developed FOSS. If Canonical does well it pours more
work,resources into Ubuntu and we all reap the benefits in increased
adoption of Linux. I for one am on board for that.

You do bring up a very, very good point and I agree with you.  Maybe our
Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator for Life or the powers that be at
Canonical would help more to spearhead or even sponsor (financially and
otherwise) our efforts this would help us better propagate this amazing

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>Hardware doesn't work without it, for example.
>Are we recommending Canonical commercial support as well? I have an
 >issue *volunteering* to help a company's revenue. I don't have any
 >issue volunteering to spread free software.
Thanks and see you tomorrow,
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