Installfest setup/teardown crews

Dan Allen goattuber at
Mon Oct 8 21:22:22 BST 2007

> We should also have some people who can stay until the end and help
> clean up. While I don't expect this to be a problem, I'd like
> to make sure that not everyone runs off at the end of the event. If you
> will be able to do this, add "teardown" besides your name on the signup
> sheet. We'll need at most 5 people to *sign up* for this, but won't
> mind if more people stick around to assist.

I added myself as volunteer/teardown.

I'm going to sit in on an install or two before touching anyone else's
machines myself. I've installed on my own machines, and for a few friends
and family, so I've done the base install plus browser plugins, codecs, and
whatever other apps/games each person has wanted. I'm curious what the
standard installfest procedure would be, whether it's just the base install,
plugins and codecs, or customized per install.
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