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Jason M Normand jay at
Mon Oct 8 15:13:48 BST 2007

Aaron Haviland wrote:
> Jason M Normand wrote, on Oct 08, 2007 at 09:32 EDT:
>> we should have some kind of demonstration of aptitude and the vast 
>> amount of software available.  i suspect one of the things that turns a 
>> lot of people off is not seeing any "linux" software when they walk in 
>> to local stores.  And for people really using linux for the first time 
>> most likely don't know how competitive the basics really are.  
>> Demonstrations of open office, thunderbird, gimp, vlc, games, etc.  plus 
>> a talk about wine would be good.  Let people know there are alternatives 
>> to ms and adobe and they are easy to install.  I am willing to cover 
>> some of this some help would not hurt.
> Maybe someone could print up a handy reference card of common apps,
> useful for the new user. (Maybe such a thing already exists?)
ill see if i can pull something together.  there are a million list on 
digg with some good suggestions.

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