Installfest setup/teardown crews

Steve Pomeroy steve at
Mon Oct 8 14:03:12 BST 2007

We need at most 5 people for an early setup crew (mostly to move tables
and the like) for the installfest. Some people have expressed interest
in helping out with this, but I have no idea who you are. Please add the
tag "setup crew" beside your name on the signup sheet if you would like
to come in early (8:30) for this.

We should also have some people who can stay until the end and help 
clean up. While I don't expect this to be a problem, I'd like
to make sure that not everyone runs off at the end of the event. If you
will be able to do this, add "teardown" besides your name on the signup
sheet. We'll need at most 5 people to *sign up* for this, but won't
mind if more people stick around to assist.

For both of these things, if you are unsure then don't worry about it.

We should also coordinate phone-based communication for the early crew,
so please send me an email privately so we can exchange mobile numbers.

Steve Pomeroy
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