Installfest ideas

leftyfb at leftyfb at
Mon Oct 8 04:13:34 BST 2007

Ok, with the Installfest being this coming Saturday the 13th, I'd like to pull
together some last minute ideas for the event. These are some ideas I have:

Talks: Mako has already expressed his desire to give a talk about Ubuntu. If
anyone else feels they would like to give a talk or any topics, lets us know. 
(Steve: think we'll need a PA/Mic? Sorry this was a last minute idea)

Demos: I will be bringing my pxe/apt server which is loaded with gutsy and
compiz fusion along with my laptop running beryl and avant window navigator.
If anyone else has any machines or applications they'd like to show off, let
us know.

Raffle: Anyone think this is a good idea? I have a NIB 1GB Lexar Lightning
flash drive which we could give away as is or I could preload with DSL or the
old Dapper Ubuntu.

Ubunut/Linux/geek carved pumpkins: Sara will be bringing one. Others are
welcome to as well.

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