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Aaron Haviland orion at
Sat Oct 6 22:45:51 BST 2007

Martin Owens wrote, on Oct 06, 2007 at 17:20 EDT:
> Hey all,
> OK so I was there from 12 to 4:30, I gave out 200 flyers to people; I
> did manage to get over my fear quickly enough although my feet hurt.

Where were you? I couldn't find you! You said you'd be outside Park St
Station around noonish. I actually go there right at noon, much to my

Anyway, I walked around the immediate area around Park St Stataion,
looking for a guy wearing a ubuntu shirt, and handing out fliers, but I
couldn't find you.  I even ventured down towards Downtown Crossing after
having looked for about 40 minutes.  I came back, looked again, and gave
up after about an hour, total.

I suppose it wouldv'e helped to know what you look like, and what base
color the ubuntu shirt is (I was assuming white...?)

Better luck next time, right? :)

> Hopefully next time we can have a stronger turn out for marketing
> events; as this is most important, there is no point in us arranging
> activities if no one is going to show up so the hope is that on the
> next installfest even we do we can get more people to come out and do
> events like this.

Well, I tried... *sigh* As I mentioned, I don't have a cell, but you
sent the email this morning with your phone number too late; I had
already left for Boston :/

I guess I'll just have to meet you next weekend, instead.

Aaron Haviland
34 Wayne Ave, Dudley, MA                       home:  [508] 943 - 7974
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