Fwd: [Ubuntu-US] Free Promotional Flyers Available for US LoCo Teams - Sponsored by System76

Jason Ribeiro jason.ribeiro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 22:13:49 BST 2007

Yuriy or Martin, could one of you contact system76 about these free posters?

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Subject: [Ubuntu-US] Free Promotional Flyers Available for US LoCo
Teams - Sponsored by System76
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For those of you who haven't seen yet, Christer Edwards blogged about
this yesterday:


"I am very happy to announce a FREE promotional flyer program made
available for US LoCo Teams sponsored by System76.  The great people
that sell Ubuntu laptops, Ubuntu desktops and Ubuntu servers at
System76 are also stepping up to help support and grow the Ubuntu LoCo
Project by offering LoCo Teams FREE promotional flyers for team
events.  One of those events is coming up with the release of Ubuntu
7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon".  If you are planning a release party or otherwise
want to help with the promotion of Ubuntu's next release please read
on for details."

Follow the blog link for specific details on how to sign up.

It goes on to the important deadline...

"In order to print and deliver these promotional flyers in time all
orders must be in by Friday Oct 5th.  Yes, that is this upcoming
Friday.  If you are the team contact go register for this right now!"

So yeah, go register for this right now!

Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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