Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Richard M. Volpe II volpe.rich at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 20:28:32 GMT 2007

I really do not have much to say about this topic, but one point does 
come to mind.  When I first heard about Ubuntu, in the breezy badger 
days I didn't think it would pan out to much, because it felt like linux 
met religion.  In fact it was just the opposite, not religion, 
community.  Anyway there should be a distinction between religion and 
state, same applies to linux.  My operating system don't come to church 
with me every Sunday.....

But then again that is just an opinion.  :) 


jw wrote:
> From a Linux user point of view, I've noticed that distro before, and 
> haven't seen much use in it.  "Ubuntu SE" appears to be a farce that 
> is trolling for backlash, or "retaliating" against Ubuntu CE.  The 
> color scheme of SE is nice (red and black are lovely together)...
> >From a personal point of view, I find what seems to be trolling 
> offensive, just like an Ubuntu KKK edition would be offensive.
> I'm not trying to start anything here.  I'm only trying to point out 
> that Ubuntu SE is a release that is clearly centered around a very 
> controversial topic (religion), and a very polar extreme of that 
> topic.  Promotion or mention of said should be handled with care as it 
> could start something ugly (or simply offend people).  I would expect 
> that if I'd mentioned Ubuntu CE, I'd have gotten a similar warning.  
> (A former bartender told me there are two things you never talk about 
> with strangers:  religion and politics.  Do that as a bartender, and 
> you can be everyone's best friend.)
> Regards,
>  John.
> Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
>> I think this is supposed to compete with Ubuntu Christian Edition, but
>> it does look very very cool...despite the name...
>> http://ubuntusatanic.org/screenshots.php

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