InstallFest info sheet redesign

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at
Thu Nov 15 22:04:25 GMT 2007

I find that the way I did it looks a bit friendlier than a table, but
I'll make and send a new one designed that way and see what people

As for those additions, I think that sound hardware really isn't
something where most people know what they have, so we might not benefit
from adding that to the sheet. Also, the sheet seems rather full at this
point. However, you're right, CPU type is probably valuable information
to know, so I'll add that to the sheet.
On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 07:27 -0500, jw wrote:

> Caleb Marcus wrote: 
> > We have an installfest data sheet on our wiki that we didn't really
> > use last time, but I think if we're going to have a larger turnout
> > at our next one, we should think about using a data sheet so we can
> > be more organized. The one on our wiki is fine, but not particularly
> > customized for us, and not very nice-looking, so I made a new one
> > that I've attached. I've shown it to DPic, and he seemed to like it,
> > but if you have any thoughts and/or suggestions, please email me. If
> > we like it, I'll put it up on the Wiki.
> I have personally been fonder of the matrix/table sort of sheet.  IMO,
> it keeps the information organized (question in left column, answers
> in right).
> I suggest the following additions to the info list:
> - type of CPU (32/64 bit -- Intel/AMD)
> - Sound Hardware (if known)
> Cheers!
> __
> John.
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