a problem with Compiz-Fusion in Gutsy

George E Noon george.noon at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 10 06:11:25 GMT 2007

So, Caleb; please tell me, since I seem unable to find out myself --- 
how do you go about disabling Compiz, once it has been enabled. i 
understand it ought to (or really should) be obvious - but, hey; i just 
happen to be unlucky enough to be one who, until this OS gets to feel 
'intuitive' to me, feels quite panicky when things don't work just as 
I'd expect. Heck, I'd've thought I would have 'outgrown' that long 
before entering my sixtieth year! Go figure!
Thanks for all your assistance, and I do mean everyone in the community.

Caleb Marcus wrote:
> I feel your pain... I'm running without Compiz because of a bug in the 
> nVidia driver that prevents me from having the cursor rendered in 
> hardware (the HWCursor option in Xorg.conf) because if I leave 
> HWCursor on, which is required to run Compiz without glitching, the 
> cursor will randomly disappear.
> On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 23:46 -0500, George E Noon wrote:
>> Cam Cope wrote:
>> > On Nov 9, 2007 2:43 AM, George E Noon <george.noon at yahoo.com <mailto:george.noon at yahoo.com> 
>> > <mailto:george.noon at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>> >
>> >     Hi, everyone,
>> >        I've gotten upgraded to Gutsy, on Wed; and
>> >     I've been kind of experimenting with the newness of its features
>> >     --- and
>> >     have been very pleased, so far.
>> >        That is until i began experimenting with Compiz-Fusion: not
>> >     sure at
>> >     all what I enabled or set wrong, but now, using Big Wall - cube not
>> >     enabled, whenever i go & switch desktops, Both my Taskbars, upper &
>> >     lower, vanish and it seems so far i have only been able to get 'em
>> >     back
>> >     by either restarting, sort of like WinXP -- or using Alt + Tab to get
>> >     back to desktop 1.
>> >        What I want to know is - is there a keyboard shortcut or key combo
>> >     that will restore them, or a setting to prevent losing them.?.
>> >        If i can get back to my System settings, I could return to the
>> >     defaults until I get smartened-up on what' what with this new
>> >     toy....
>> >        Thanks, in advance for any & all help.
>> >     ~~~~~~~~George E Noon
>> >
>> >
>> > Ctrl + alt + left/right arrow should move you around. I don't know how 
>> > to fix your menu issue however.
>> > -Cam
>> Actually, I've found that 'Ctrl + alt + left/right arrow' does nothing, 
>> but, oddly enough, 'LShift + LAlt + 1' reduces all opn windows to a size 
>> so all are visible on-screen at once; now, while still holding the 
>> LShift + LAlt' if I hit either the Left or Right Arrow keys,  it shifts 
>> to the noxt window to the Left or Right. Kinda neat; but, i still cannot 
>> access my other desktops  and can not bring back my Taskbars or the 
>> Menus ---- unless I reboot each time: because whenever I minimize or 
>> close an open window, the Taskbars and menus go away as 
>> well.................
>> I really hope someone can offer a solution to this one; as it's really 
>> irritating the willies out of me......... Perhaps, after my next reboot, 
>> i just no\eed to disable the Compiz effects.... I'd really rather not, 
>> though.
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~George

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