Ubuntu/OSS Presentation

leftyfb leftyfb at left-click.org
Thu Nov 8 16:41:08 GMT 2007

The presentation went very well. Andrew did a very good job in giving
the talk and answering questions. I was mostly there out of interest, to
help setup, give out cd's and to help answer questions. There were a lot
of questions from the 20+ students ranging from "how does Canonical make
money?" to "how well will my ipod work in Ubuntu?". I was actually
surprised at how much the students and even the teachers didn't know
about Open Source or Ubuntu/Linux but at the same time were very

The teachers were very impressed with the presentation and ubuntu. The
electronics class will be installing it on some of their classroom
machines to test out. Andrew and I will be working to get an Edubuntu
test bed setup and tested within the parameters of the classroom and the
school's policies. This will take some time but we hope it will be
something the school considers as a much needed alternative to buying
expensive machines for the classroom which aren't exactly needed and
lack some needed features the older machines provide (serial port for
robotics programming).

Overall, it was a great success.

Martin Owens wrote:
> So how did it go?
> I notice the gallery: http://gallery.ubuntu-ma.us/?g2_itemId=303
> But no news yet on what happened, can you update the wiki with a story
> and the events page?
> Best Regards, Martin Owens

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