Mailing list etiquette

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at
Mon Nov 5 02:03:04 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 20:45 -0500, leftyfb wrote:

> I will always top post. I shouldn't have to scroll to the bottom of the
> email just to see the last person's reply. I should open or even preview
> the email and the first line being the email sent to me or the list. Not
> 6 day old conversations with the actual content i'm looking for at the
> bottom.

My thinking precisely, but I'll just do it the way the list seems to
prefer (bottom-posting) to cause the least pain possible to everyone.
Random thought: Perhaps there should be an extension/feature on mail
clients to properly re-order the segments of the message based on the
receiving user's preference in the matter.
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