Mailing list etiquette

jw cyb3rj at
Mon Nov 5 00:29:28 GMT 2007

Samuel Baldwin wrote:
> It baffles me why top posting is construed as a good thing. I
> understand how leaving the relevant parts of the message intact (the
> parts that go above the post) is good, but you don't really need to
> keep the _entire_ message down there for context. If the recipient is
> someone who _needs_ to keep messages, then they just save the old
> message. They don't need an extra copy. Imagine if everyone here top
> posted, especially with these 'larger' threads. Why, we'd have 11
> emails down at the bottom of this. That's just silly.

I've had clients where I have been asked not to remove the original 
message from the reply.  In lengthy threads, I'd rather top-posting in 
that case.

IMO, this is a personal preference.  However, if group etiquette says we 
should bottom-post, I will make my best attempt to post topless...


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