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Samuel Baldwin shardz4217 at
Sun Nov 4 21:44:10 GMT 2007

>>  I prefer top-posting for non-list activity, so I'll leave that as my
>> default... but I'll try to remember to bottom-post when I'm replying on
>> lists :)
>  Dealing with records management I prefer to "top-post" and have no issues
> leaving the entire thread because it retains the context of the reply.  I
> guess it all comes down to the overall preference of the group.

It baffles me why top posting is construed as a good thing. I
understand how leaving the relevant parts of the message intact (the
parts that go above the post) is good, but you don't really need to
keep the _entire_ message down there for context. If the recipient is
someone who _needs_ to keep messages, then they just save the old
message. They don't need an extra copy. Imagine if everyone here top
posted, especially with these 'larger' threads. Why, we'd have 11
emails down at the bottom of this. That's just silly.


A: Get a better email client <line to pine>.
Q: But it's so easy to just leave it there!
A: Because it reverses the flow of the conversation
Q: Why shouldn't I top post?

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