Mailing list etiquette

leftyfb leftyfb at
Sun Nov 4 18:27:16 GMT 2007

I try to make it easy on people and change the "Reply To" in the emails
I send to that of the mailing list address. So people SHOULD just be
able to it reply and it should send it to the mailing list. Let me know
if this is or isn't the case.

I'm using Thunderbird and don't have a "Reply to list" button. I found
an extension but it doesn't seem to do anything. I'm also looking for a
way to set some sort of rule that when replying to an email with the
ubuntu mailing list address in the To: field, it automatically puts the
same address in the Reply To when replying.

Samuel Baldwin wrote:
> On 11/4/07, Caleb Marcus <caleb.marcus at> wrote:
>>  I've generally been using Reply All, which results in the message being
>> CC'd to the list, and sent to the sender of the message. However, I just
>> found that my mail client has a "Reply to List" button, which sends the
>> message only to the mailing list. What's the right way to do it?
> I hit Reply To All (and leave the persons name there). However, if
> you're not responding to that particular person's message (rare), you
> might want to take that person's email out. I haven't heard any
> complaints yet.

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