UDS Presence

Daniel W. Green dan at october5th.net
Fri May 11 05:35:57 BST 2007

Indeed. So, a public spread the word meeting and an install fest sound 
good? If we can get together enough funds or contact the right people, 
perhaps we can gather enough ubuntu promotional items and installation 
CDs to pass out publicly (along with fliers advertising the install fest 
later that night). If we attract enough attention ahead of time, perhaps 
some of the UDS developers will show and want to speak. There are some 
brilliant minds behind this project. If

Martin Owens wrote:
> We better do it quick then
> On 10/05/07, Daniel W. Green <dan at october5th.net> wrote:
>> Martin Owens wrote:
>> > I agree! we could do with just getting together on an officalish
>> > spread the word meeting in some public place.
>> >
>> > On 10/05/07, Daniel W. Green <dan at october5th.net> wrote:
>> >> To increase our team's presence and notoriety, I suggest that we put
>> >> together some T-Shirts and other promotional items to flaunt at the 
>> UDS.
>> >> We should also discuss some other strategies. Perhaps we could even 
>> host
>> >> a welcoming or after party.
>> >>
>> >> -Octoberdan
>> >>
>> I like the idea of that. Perhaps Boston commons even? We could even do
>> both. The spread the word meeting could draw attention to an install
>> feast. Alert them, then convert them!
>> -Octoberdan

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