Ubuntu MASSACHUSETTS InstallFest

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 05:02:20 BST 2007

> If geography is such a big problem for a lot of people, then it might
> actually make sense to have separate regional groups. That's basically
> what happened to GNHLUG a few years ago.

For presentations / monthly meetings, their two tier structure makes
great sense.

A roving installfest needs local installees, local PR folks, local
room arranger, and cadre that carry the "how to" knowledge from event
to event.

If we get to critical mass were u-ma can do 12 a year EACH in Boston
and Worcester and Springfield and ..., yes, we'll need geographical
sub-teams. We should have such problems!

Meantime, those of us with trucks or cars with cargo space need to get
the expert cadre to where the people and machines needing installing
can congregate. Since I live in Dorchester (and drive PAST DoctorMo's
flat on my commute home from work), he can get anywhere I'm going
anyway, as could a few more who could get to the (T) stop near his

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