Ubuntu MASSACHUSETTS InstallFest

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 22:32:09 BST 2007

> Aren't you advocating your position because "you want it and it's convenient
> for you"?

Yes, and I've found a number of members who live in or very close to
Boston so I've tried to balance my own obvious bias; your welcome to
point out if it looks to be effecting my position, but you'd need data
for that.

> I'm personally not looking to have all of the meetings move to
> Worcester. Even most things in Boston would be OK. I'm just looking for
> an effort to have real representation of the entire state, so that those
> of us who don't live in Boston can still feel like our presence in this
> group is relevant. (Otherwise, you should just call this Ubuntu-Boston.)

This is fair, I will propose the following:

 * Each month one meeting will be held in Boston as current, this
meeting will be central and not just about avocation activities in the
East but also about helping events, funding, organising all other
events in the entire state.
 * Once every three months an additional meeting will be held in
Worcester, this is to keep in touch with all members who are unable to
make Thursday meetings in Boston but also to focus on events in the
West and Centre state, I'll need trust worthy people to admin
decisions minutes etc. I propose making these meetings Saturday based.
 * Every six months we will have a social meeting in a different part
of the state, that s not Boston or Worcester offset from their
meetings and also occurring on a Saturday. The first place should be
Springfield followed by Providence, Lawrence, Pittsfield, Hyannis
dependant on there being at least one member near by to host.

We'll have a look at were people are and we'll follow the same type of
pattern for installfests depending on what people think, the
difference is that the Boston installfests are every 3 months too.

Please correct me or tell me that you think my proposal is just daft.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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