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Michelle Murrain michelle at murrain.net
Wed Aug 29 21:40:56 BST 2007

Martin Owens wrote:

> What is the weighting towards Worcester? See this is one of the
> reasons I wanted a map with each members location so I could see how
> many people are around a certain area and weight the location to need,
> transport and location of members.
> So far all I know is Mike in Lowell and me in Southie, Sunny in South
> Boston, Yuiry close by, and most other people are close by to Boston
> too; so to make a case for a move to the middle of the state it'd have
> to be something better than 'because it's symmetric and politically
> correct'

But isn't it important to find the folks all over the state who might be 
interested in getting involved, but can't because of the geographic 
issues? It's not just about 'political correctness' - it's about growing 
a user base, right? There are lots of folks who could get involved out 
here I'm sure - the Five College area plus the community colleges out 
here are prime, I'd think. So would Worcester with WPI.

I actually go to Boston for client meetings and such as often as twice a 
month or so - but I'm not likely to go into Boston for a meeting or 
installfest, unless I happen to have another meeting that day.

However, I'd go to Worchester (even though it's more than an hour drive 
away.) And, as I said, I'd be happy to help organize a meeting or 
installfest out west sometime.

I know that the public transport out here sux, and believe me, I wish it 
were different (I'm actually moving soon to a place where I can walk to 
most stuff instead of having to drive everywhere.) There isn't much 
those of us who live out here can do about that right now. And I don't 
think we'd expect everyone from Boston to drive/carpool out to Greenfield.

I'm personally not looking to have all of the meetings move to 
Worcester. Even most things in Boston would be OK. I'm just looking for 
an effort to have real representation of the entire state, so that those 
of us who don't live in Boston can still feel like our presence in this 
group is relevant. (Otherwise, you should just call this Ubuntu-Boston.)

Michelle Murrain
Blog: http://www.zenofnptech.org

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