Ubuntu MASSACHUSETTS InstallFest

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 19:53:45 BST 2007

> So why not compromise and do it in Worcester? Commuter rails run there,
> and WRTA has bussing as well. I should think *Central* MA is a
> reasonable compromise for avoiding a Boston vs. Western MA war :)
> Maybe doing something with WLUG (wlug.org). They usually meet at WPI.

What is the weighting towards Worcester? See this is one of the
reasons I wanted a map with each members location so I could see how
many people are around a certain area and weight the location to need,
transport and location of members.

So far all I know is Mike in Lowell and me in Southie, Sunny in South
Boston, Yuiry close by, and most other people are close by to Boston
too; so to make a case for a move to the middle of the state it'd have
to be something better than 'because it's symmetric and politically

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