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Tue Aug 28 15:42:20 BST 2007

Hey...I hope this works...I Think michelle has a good point...if we are calling the group "MASSACHUSETTS" then we better reach other parts of massachusetts.  I think traveling is fun...but by going to places that are away from boston might be easier to get people to join. I know in smaller towns either a ton of people will show up, wondering what "Ubuntu" means, or nobody will hear about it. I guess you all plan events assuming that everyone is computer-abled...where there is actually a TON of people out there that touch a computer once a week...Others, use the computer at work and that's it...where they just use the work interface and do nothing besides that program. Perhaps they aren't our demographic. My mom yesterday for some reason never listens to when i talk i guess, but saw "ubuntu" written on my shirt and was like "Ahh, is that a new rock band?" I was like...umm...nope "it's" and i explained, and she's like "do we have that?" I said, nope, but i could put it on
 your computer next time i come over so you can try it out, but i already know she's not going to like it, because 6 months ago i just taught her how to do podcasts, and she can barely get itunes running, let alone open a terminal window, boot to a virtual machine, ect. ok i'm rambling, i felt like talking, and i didn't know if this would actually go though because i've never sent to the mailing list. I just wanted to pipe up and say that if there was an event outside of boston, surely we could all make it, there is other forms of public trasportation besides trains, hell, the group could rent a limo for the night. Arive in style. Who knows. Lol. (other idea was to carpool, but a limo would be more fun)

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