Ubuntu MA Installfest

leftyfb at left-click.org leftyfb at left-click.org
Tue Aug 21 15:23:05 BST 2007

Having the installfest as a join event is fine by me for the time being 
depending on what, if any restrictions there are now and going forward with
regular installfests. As long as we can get a room. We really need to keep
details correct and consistent when requesting these things from "vendors".
This is not a New England Installfest. It is an Ubuntu Massachusetts
installfest. For now we would only be expecting about 20 or so people, not 40.
Hopefully that will grow in time. Since we are too close to the 25th with no
time to market, we are pushing out the date. As of now the date of Saturday,
October the 13th as been brought up. Does this sound good to everyone. If so,
we should push forward with that and possibly an alternative like October
20th. Please everyone respond asap if you can make this date and if it sounds
good to you. Chime in with anymore details/info anyone might have. We need to
get this date set in stone so we can move on from scheduling and onto
marketing this out to the general public as well as other details that need to
be sorted out. We don't want to wait till the last might again.

Joshua McGinnis wrote:
> Hi,
> If you're sure you don't want to have the InstallFest be a joint event,
> let me know and I'll decline.
> Thanks,
> Joshua
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> Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 5:40 PM
> To: Joshua McGinnis
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> Subject: RE: New England InstallFest
> Hi, Joshua.
> It looks like MIT Scheduling is saying that I can ask for a room
> if the event is a joint BLU/Ubunutu event. That's fine with me;
> let me know if you want to proceed on that basis.
> Less than a week's notice may be difficult, and before I ask,
> I need to know how big a room the event will need. The room we use
> for the BLU Installfests has space for about 10 PCs at a time, so I
> don't want to ask for that room unless you confirm that this is
> enough space.
> Did you already have a specific building and room in mind?

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