debugging / fixing kernel panics on ubuntu

Kristian Hermansen kristian.hermansen at
Sun Apr 29 22:27:15 BST 2007

So, I've been having hard panics (caps-lock blinking) on my AMD64
laptop running Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) more and more frequently since
January [yes, i was running herd back then].  Now it's at the point
where I see it every day, sometimes even more than once per day, like
today :-)  Is there an Ubuntu-style triage method?  I would maybe try
lkdump to generate a diskdump, but the patches are for 2.6.9, probably
RHEL4 type machines.  How can I get to the bottom of this?

FYI, I am not using closed source nvidia drivers in my Xorg.conf and
they are not listed in lsmod, so I don't think it should be attributed
to nvidia.  Any other ideas are welcomed...thanks!
Kristian Hermansen

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