Job Opening in Baton Rouge, LA

Phillip Jordan trioxla at
Wed Jan 26 11:15:34 UTC 2011

I've played as Magneto in Marvel vs Capcom 2.  I wonder if that counts as
experience. :D

I would love to apply for this, but sadly, I only have self taught
experience in HTML, PHP, and CSS.  I have never even looked at Google
Analytics or Wordpress.  And I have this weird moral problem with some SEO
tactics, so it puts a bad taste in my mouth.

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 2:28 PM, Rob Rogers <r2d2rogers at> wrote:

> I heard about this on the BRLUG Mailing list and thought I'd pass it along.
> Email the person directly if you need more details or want to apply.
> -Rob
> Applicant must be extremely well rounded with HTML, PHP, Google
> Analytics, SEO, Magneto and Wordpress. We do not want someone who is
> good with SEO but unfamiliar with Google analytics and vice versa.
> We are looking for someone to help us grow our business in the areas
> of Website optimization, SEO optimization and Google Analytics
> reporting.
> Google Analytics is installed but some things are not functioning
> properly or have not been enabled such as: goal tracking, ecommerce
> tracking and Google overlay.  We need a seasoned GA expert to review
> that GA is installed properly, review that the data we have collected
> is accurate, and analyze the data making recommendations on areas that
> need improvement. Some specific goals will be:
> 1.       Do a Google Analytics Audit and provide recommendations and
> best practices.
> 2.       Turn on and setup Ecommerce tracking for our Magento installation.
> 3.       Help us to setup goal tracking for key areas of our business.
> 4.       Help us identify the key metrics we should be measuring,
> create automated or easy to produce reports for each metric and help
> identify and implement goals to improve said metrics.
> In regards to SEO we have received some insights from a local resource
> about what needs to be updated but have yet to implement them. We will
> need someone to review these comments as well as recommend SEO best
> practices and help us put together and implement an SEO strategy for
> both our Magento shopping cart as well as our Wordpress CMS.
> 1.       Review the documents and information that we have received
> from local resource and come up with a plan for implementation.
> 2.       Come up with an SEO strategy for Magento and Magento products.
> 3.       Come up with an SEO strategy for Wordpress.
> In regards to website optimization; with the information gleamed from
> Google Analytics and the SEO updates/ review we may find it necessary
> to make changes to too our website. It’s important that you be able to
> handle these changes with ease. This may be as easy as changing a
> landing pages URL to editing the look and feel of a particular page.
> This is where your skills in HTML, CSS and PHP will come in handy.
> To start the job may require 40-60+ hours of work and once the initial
> system is in place I would imagine that would taper off to around
> 5-10+ hours a week.
>  To apply for this job please complete the following 4 test by
> clicking the link below. A description of each test can be found below
> the link. Total test time is 60min.
> Let me know if you have any other questions.
> Thanks,
> William Davidson
> Hybrid Racing LLC
> will at
> Write a review for Hybrid Racing
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