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Wed Jan 21 23:15:58 GMT 2009

About the Document Freedom Day<br>
The Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for Document<br>
Liberation. It is a day of grassroots effort around the world to<br>
promote and build awareness for the relevance of Free Document Formats<br>
in particular and Open Standards in general. The DFD is supported by a<br>
large group of organisations and individuals, including, but not<br>
limited to Ars Aperta, COSS, Esoma, Free Software Foundations Europe<br>
and Latin America, IBM, NLnet, ODF Alliance, OpenForum Europe, OSL,<br>
iMatix, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Inc., The Open Learning Centre,<br>
Opentia, Estandares Abiertos.<br>
<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank">http://documentfr=</a><br>
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Open Standards!<br>
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