Louisiana Ubuntu Newsletter Issue No. 2

Wesley Harp wesj at wesleyharp.com
Thu Feb 28 15:52:24 GMT 2008

 Louisiana Ubuntu Newsletter Issue No. 2

Team News

Our team contact is currently being updated.  Michael Verret, who organized
the team and set up many of the team resources, is stepping down to pursue
other interests.  We very much appreciate all the hard work he put into this
team and wish him the best.  Rob Rogers will be listed as our new team
contact.  We will be updating the wiki, website, and any other place this is
listed.  If you see the team contact listed incorrectly somewhere, please
let us know so we may update that.

Bug Day Guide

Thursday February 28th at 8:30pm we will be having a bug day class on IRC
channel #ubuntu-us-la on irc.freenode.net.  Triaging bugs is a great way to
contribute to the community and your favorite project.  You don't need any
programming knowledge and will be helping the developers concentrate on
providing fixes and new features.

Come learn how to triage bugs and support your favorite project!

Monroe HAM fest Update

We are still waiting for confirmation on the tables we requested and
clarification about the final pricing.  Several people have signed up to
help staff the booth but we still need more people to help out.  If you plan
to attend but haven't yet added your name to the project page (
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LouisianaTeam/Projects/MonroeHamFest), please do
so.  At this point, our plan is still to have 2 laptops on each of the 3
tables, one running a presentation, and the other either booted into the
liveCD or a full install of Ubuntu.  We have received the conference pack,
but still need to gather more materials.

If you have any new details or questions regarding the HAM fest project,
please post to the forum thread:

Wiki Updates

Wiki subteam member Trey Brown has been hard at work updating the wiki.
Most recently he has redesigned our project page.  Check it out:

Project Management

At past meetings we have discussed the need for a tool to help us better
manage our projects and tasks.  Several members are using Remember The Milk
(http://www.rememberthemilk.com/) for their personal todo's.  Remember The
Milk has several group features that allow for the sharing of tasks.  As an
interim we will be using this to manage tasks until we decide on a different
tool.  If you have a Remember The Milk account, but do not have access to
the shared list, please contact Rob Rogers (r2d2rogers at gmail.com).  If you
don't have an account, you can still view the tasks and contact one of the
members who has access to the list to mark the item as complete for you.
The published list is viewable here:

Next Meeting

Our next team meeting will be on March 6th at 9:00pm in our IRC channel
#ubuntu-us-la.  If you have something that should be on the agenda at this
meeting please add it here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LouisianaTeam/Meetings

Next Issue

If you have anything that should be included in the next newsletter issue,
please email me.
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