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Bob Franklin bob.franklin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 15:02:06 GMT 2008

Mr. Mike Feravolo's comments are consistence with what I have experienced in
the past when promoting Linux and Ubuntu.  Training and education is more
important than Ubuntu CDs, however we should have CDs available to be
distributed as needed.

My thoughts,
Bob Franklin

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 7:55 AM, Wesley Harp <wesleyharp at gmail.com> wrote:

> For those not subscribed to the marketing ML.  He makes an interesting
> point that we should keep in mind.
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> Hello:
> I am not sure that I am going to make it to the Meeting Tonight, since I
> have a Chamber of Commerce Networking Group which meets on Tuesday
> Night. I  will leave the log the #ubuntu-meeting channel  so that I can
> see what's happening.
> I would like to add an observation which seem to apply across the board
> in selling Linux as a realistic solution to ordinary people:
> Most of the marketing effort is focused on the what free software does
> and not what free software does for them.
> Free Ubuntu CD's by request in the mail is awesome, so is selling them
> to OEM's for the cost of making them to distribute with new systems.
> However, Giving them out unsolicited to windows(r) users or to users of
> other Linux distros is a waste of money.
> The Linux users are already using free software and probably have
> already downloaded a copy of Ubuntu. The windows(r) user is either going
> to [at best] use it as a coaster or [ at worst] use it as an excuse to
> be afraid of it and run back to windows(r). Which means you either
> scaring a away the people that you need to sell to or selling to people
> that are already sold.
> I hope that I didn't hurt anyone's feeling here with my own real world
> observations, since I can only verify them from the last year or two of
> meeting people face to face at business networking functions in East
> Orlando and on Cocoa Beach.
> The bottom line here is printing a nice piece of paper, instead of CD's
> is more effective and a less expensive way to get the word out that
> Ubuntu is a great operating system.
> Mike Feravolo
> Cocoa Beach, Florida
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