May I Include your address on the email list for the Louisiana Team LoCo?

Wesley Harp wesj at
Wed Feb 20 21:22:09 GMT 2008

Sure, no problem.

I plan to help out with the booth if I can make it up there that Saturday.
Otherwise I'll do whatever I can to help out in getting ready for the event.

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 2:23 PM, Rob Rogers <r2d2rogers at> wrote:

> Hello,
> As we don't know who has signed up on the mailing list for the team, I
> wanted to compile a list of email addresses to use until we can see
> who'd be missed in an email to the mailing list address.
>  I sent this to
> the mailing list and I have also bcc'd each of the 24 people on the
> Launchpad page for the LouisianaTeam.
> Please let me know if you are ok with me sharing the address you where
> you received message with the rest of the group.
> I am currently organising a table for the NELA Regional Hamfest
> (Amateur Radio) to be held Saturday April 26th.  I need some idea of
> who would be interested in helping with costs for this event
> (currently thought to be less than $20 if everyone is willing and able
> to help).  Any ideas for helping to fund this event would be Very
> appreciated.
> I feel that every member of the Team has good things to contribute.
> We have other sub teams listed on the wiki page that need someone to
> step up and help with.  Is there a want or a need related to linux or
> ubuntu that you see?  Please share your ideas with the Team as a
> whole.
> Please let me know if I may share your email address with the team at
> large.
> -Rob Rogers
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