May I Include your address on the email list for the Louisiana Team LoCo?

Rob Rogers r2d2rogers at
Wed Feb 20 20:23:57 GMT 2008


As we don't know who has signed up on the mailing list for the team, I
wanted to compile a list of email addresses to use until we can see
who'd be missed in an email to the mailing list address.  I sent this to
the mailing list and I have also bcc'd each of the 24 people on the
Launchpad page for the LouisianaTeam.

Please let me know if you are ok with me sharing the address you where
you received message with the rest of the group.

I am currently organising a table for the NELA Regional Hamfest
(Amateur Radio) to be held Saturday April 26th.  I need some idea of
who would be interested in helping with costs for this event
(currently thought to be less than $20 if everyone is willing and able
to help).  Any ideas for helping to fund this event would be Very

I feel that every member of the Team has good things to contribute.
We have other sub teams listed on the wiki page that need someone to
step up and help with.  Is there a want or a need related to linux or
ubuntu that you see?  Please share your ideas with the Team as a

Please let me know if I may share your email address with the team at large.

-Rob Rogers

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