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Sat Feb 9 00:28:24 GMT 2008

The meeting summary and log have been posted to the wiki.  You can get to
them both from here:  We had
some good discussion on a number of topics.  We're moving several
discussions to the forums so that everyone can participate.


There are a a few subteam pages on the wiki.  We need some volunteers for
these teams so if you'd like to help out please sign up!.  Two of the teams
I'd like to call your attention to are the meeting team, and the new member

The meeting team ( will
help with getting the word out about our IRC meetings (something that we
neglected to do this time, sorry guys!), posting the summary and logs, and
following up on the action items and any other meeting related tasks that
need to be done.

The new member team (
will play a vital role in the LoCo.  We need to make sure we are actively
engaging new members and encouraging their participation.  It's also been
brought up that perhaps we are a bit confusing to new members which is
something we really want to avoid.  With the new member team contacting new
members and helping to explain things hopefully this will not be an issue in
the future.

If you'd like to help out with one of these teams, or any of the others,
sign up and get started!
Forum posts

I'd like to call attention to a few posts on the forum.

We'd like to get an idea of the skills our members have to offer and what
they might like to work on within the team.  Whether you can write
documentation and marketing material, help with motivating others, have
strictly technical skills, or anything else you can think of, there's a
place for everyone to help out.   This thread can be found here:

One of the questions brought up during the meeting was whether or not we
want to register a domain name for the LoCo.  It was mentioned that this was
discussed previously, but at that time it was decided that content was more
important.  That discussion is here:


I'd like to personally challenge each member of the team to spend at least
one hour a week working with the Ubuntu community in some way.  It might be
posting on the forums, helping people in IRC, marketing Ubuntu in your area,
or doing some work on any of the LoCo's resources.  If you can't do an hour
a week, then try for 30 minutes a week, or maybe an hour every two weeks.
But try to stick with it!

Also, let us know what you're doing!  LoCo member activity is one of the
things that they look at when we apply for official LoCo status

If anyone needs help getting set up with any of our resources (calendar,
google maps, wiki, forum, etc) please let us know.  If there's anything else
that we can do, or that needs to be brought to our attention don't hesitate
to mention it to someone.  Also, if you know of someone who isn't subscribed
to the mailing list, encourage them to sign up here:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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