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Eric Lake ericlake at
Mon Mar 29 19:31:59 BST 2010

Remember back on January 7th when we had an IRC meeting and came up
with a list of topics for future IRL meetings? I said back then that I
would parse the logs and pull out the ideas that I saw. Well I know
that it has taken a while but here is what I pulled from there. If you
are willing to do one (or more) of these presentations then please
speak up and we will get you on the calendar.

video editing
green screen demo
visualization demo (xen, kvm, vbox, vmware, etc)
How to get your *nix fix when stuck in Windows (xming, cygwin, etc)
Linux Rosetta Stone (debian/fedora/whatever else)
making Avahi / Service Discovery work better would be great.
Ggive everybody 5 min to discuss their favorite tools. a tools review
presentation on port knocking

Speaking of the calendar ... we have a topic for this months IRL.
crosscut (Rob) has volunteered to do a presentation on Zimbra. What
would you like to see paired with this topic?


Eric Lake

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