Meeting reminder

Eric Lake ericlake at
Thu Mar 4 18:01:48 GMT 2010

We will be having our IRC meeting tonight at 9:00PM EST. One change to
note however is that we will hold the meeting in #bglug-meeting
instead of the normal #bglug team channel. This is in an effort to
keep non meeting chatter separate to have a more structured meeting
and cleaner logs.

Topics for tonight are:

1) IRL topic list
    a) Embedded Linux with beagleboards
    b) FreeBSD
2) CMS discussion
    a) The plan is to vote tonight on which CMS we want to go with for
the new site.

For the CMS discussions, if you will not be able to vote at the
meeting you can cast your vote at
We are really looking to hear from those people that are interested in
contributing content to the site in some way (howtos, reviews, videos,
etc). Some other pages of possible interest are:


If you have some good ideas about what you would like to see done on
the site then let us know.


Eric Lake

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