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On that note, we use openfiler extensively so maybe a freenas / openfiler theme would be an idea.


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Hey Eric,

As you and I've discussed over the past few months, my friend Marvin and I
have been wading into embedded Linux with the BeagleBoard from Texas

I think we could setup a demonstration of the board with some presentation
the hardware capabilities and our experience in getting some different
flavors of
Linux running on it - Ubuntu, Android, Angstrom...  We've also got some Atom
PC's that folks may want to see, although there not quite as unique with
most netbooks
using them - it's still interesting to see how they run.

One other topic, along the lines of FreeBSD discussion - FreeNAS.  It's a
pretty easy to
setup NAS package.  I just setup a system at home for storing media and
music to stream
to different network devices. I'd be glad to discuss my setup and experience
if there's any


On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 8:24 PM, Eric Lake <ericlake at> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Just wanting to get some chatter going about the IRL meeting topics for
> February.
> 1) *BSD (Free, Open, Net, etc)
> 2) Embedded Linux (
> I am planning on going through the last irc meeting because there were
> quite a few good topic ideas in there. I will send out an email with the
> list once it is compiled. As always if you have any meeting ideas,
> suggestions, etc. let us know.
> --
> Thanks,
> Eric Lake
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