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Eric Lake ericlake at
Wed Aug 25 00:59:09 BST 2010

Attention Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo Team members:

After a discussion with the Ubuntu LoCo Council we have decide to merge
the LoCo team into Bluegrass Linux Users group. This move will help all
of the people working on both teams by consolidating mailing lists, IRC
channels, and Web pages. We have been informed that we are the first
LoCo team to try this and the LoCo Council is excited to see how it
goes. We believe that as one group we can do more tho spread the word
about Linux and Open Source software in general around the bluegrass.

As part of this move we would like to ask that all members currently on
the LoCo mailing list please join our Google Group, as the LoCo list
will no longer be actively maintained. The Google Group can be found

Our IRC room will now be #bglug on Freenode, #ubuntu-us-ky will forward
all joins to #bglug.

Once we have everyone moved to the new list stay tuned for announcements
about a logo contest, member blogs, and other fun stuff. If you would
like to get involved and help with the move, web site, IRL
presentations, or anything else you can think of join us in #bglug or
post to the Google Group.

For more information about the BGLUG you can go to our website at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in #bglug, on the mailing
list, commenting at the web site,  or at an IRL meeting soon. Or better
yet all of the above.

BGLUG / Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo Admins

Next IRL: Saturday September 18th 2:30:pm
Next IRC: Thursday September 2nd 9:00PM



Eric Lake

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