IRC meeting

Eric Lake ericlake at
Wed Aug 4 01:47:44 BST 2010

Hey all,

This Thursday (Aug 5th) at 9:00PM we will have our regular monthly IRC
meeting in #bglug on We are going to discuss our
topic for this month IRL meeting. There has been some discussion on
line about the possible topics and right now there are two contenders:

1) Screen
2) Continue our LAMP discussions.

We will also discuss the current website. How we can make it better /
use it more.

Please come and help us discuss what you would like to us present on.
If you would like to give a presentation then that would just be
awesome. Let us know what you would like to talk about and we will
give you a slot at one of the upcoming meetings.

What can we do to make the group better? What are we not doing that
you would like to see us do? Are you willing to pitch in and get
something started within the team to help us improve?


Eric Lake

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