Release Party

Eric Lake ericlake at
Mon Apr 20 15:44:22 BST 2009

The CDs have been ordered (/me crosses his fingers that they arrive on
time). John has confirmed the use of the church to meet at for May 9th
from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. What else do we need to do to get ready for the 

Has anyone had a chance to work on a flyer to use to promote the event?

Looking back over old email I realized that when we got that order of
books from O'Reilly it was for an Install Fest and not a Release Party.
I am kind of hesitant to try our luck asking for books for this event
and instead saving it for a future Install Fest like event.

(p.s. This will be the last notice that I send to the google group.
Having 3 lists is just 1 to many to manage. We will keep the
bglug at mailing list as well as the LoCo list. If you are
only subscribed to the google group then you may want to move over to
one of the other two if you want to keep up to date on the happenings of
the teams.)


Eric Lake
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