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Well said, Nathan.

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> Something fun would be nice once and a while.  However, I have a hard
> time justifying time away on a Saturday without anything to be gained
> from it.  The merge of LPLUG, etc was a good idea, but I want to make
> sure we don't forget that the main purpose of a LUG is to provide a
> place of learning.  I can watch a pixar movie at home with my family,
> but I can't learn to program, or see what other people are deploying, or
> learn about new OSS markets, etc.
> LPLUG had regular meetings.  When the topic was scheduled way in
> advance, we had great turn out.  When it was done last minute, we
> didn't.  We often had technical meetings which were fantastic.  Having
> technical meetings being the driving force made the "get together and
> watch a movie" all the more fun.
> I guess what I'm saying is, lets make a standing meeting whenever (don't
> care when).  Lets make it primarily technical in nature and announce the
> topic a month in advance.  Then once or twice a year, lets have a fun
> time watching a movie or a party or something like that.  I think this
> will provide the best benefit to everyone.
> Nathaniel
> Eric Lake wrote:
> > Some of us were able to make it to OLF this year and it was awesome
> > (IMHO). One thing that they had there was an Open Movie theater. HP
> > put this on and it was set up to showcase movies about FOSS or ones
> > that were made using FOSS. I think that this would be a good thing to
> > do for us as a meeting soon. We could pick a movie, eat some popcorn,
> > geek out, etc. The movies that I have in mind are the following:
> >
> > Silicon Valley
> > Revolution OS
> > Anti-Trust
> >
> > What other movies can you think of. My understanding is that Pixar
> > uses a farm of Linux boxes to render their movies. We could open it up
> > to these movies too and bring your whole family.
> >
> > On a similar note some of us have discussed having a set day and time
> > for meetings. We were thinking something like the 3rd Saturday of the
> > month. That way we can all schedule around this time and we will be
> > able to get used to meeting on a regular basis. One thing that we
> > would need to decide on is a place to meet. It would be best to have a
> > place that we could go to all of the time so that we don't have to
> > look for a new location each month.
> >
> > What are your thoughts, concerns, criticisms, ideas?
> >
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> > Thanks,
> >
> > Eric Lake
> >
> > "No one of us alone can make this work. We will have to work together."
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