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Nathaniel McCallum nathaniel at
Sat Oct 18 19:17:53 BST 2008

Something fun would be nice once and a while.  However, I have a hard 
time justifying time away on a Saturday without anything to be gained 
from it.  The merge of LPLUG, etc was a good idea, but I want to make 
sure we don't forget that the main purpose of a LUG is to provide a 
place of learning.  I can watch a pixar movie at home with my family, 
but I can't learn to program, or see what other people are deploying, or 
learn about new OSS markets, etc.

LPLUG had regular meetings.  When the topic was scheduled way in 
advance, we had great turn out.  When it was done last minute, we 
didn't.  We often had technical meetings which were fantastic.  Having 
technical meetings being the driving force made the "get together and 
watch a movie" all the more fun.

I guess what I'm saying is, lets make a standing meeting whenever (don't 
care when).  Lets make it primarily technical in nature and announce the 
topic a month in advance.  Then once or twice a year, lets have a fun 
time watching a movie or a party or something like that.  I think this 
will provide the best benefit to everyone.


Eric Lake wrote:
> Some of us were able to make it to OLF this year and it was awesome 
> (IMHO). One thing that they had there was an Open Movie theater. HP 
> put this on and it was set up to showcase movies about FOSS or ones 
> that were made using FOSS. I think that this would be a good thing to 
> do for us as a meeting soon. We could pick a movie, eat some popcorn, 
> geek out, etc. The movies that I have in mind are the following:
> Silicon Valley
> Revolution OS
> Anti-Trust
> What other movies can you think of. My understanding is that Pixar 
> uses a farm of Linux boxes to render their movies. We could open it up 
> to these movies too and bring your whole family.
> On a similar note some of us have discussed having a set day and time 
> for meetings. We were thinking something like the 3rd Saturday of the 
> month. That way we can all schedule around this time and we will be 
> able to get used to meeting on a regular basis. One thing that we 
> would need to decide on is a place to meet. It would be best to have a 
> place that we could go to all of the time so that we don't have to 
> look for a new location each month.
> What are your thoughts, concerns, criticisms, ideas?
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Eric Lake
> "No one of us alone can make this work. We will have to work together."

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