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Fri Oct 17 18:44:14 BST 2008

I agree. An OSS movie night would be great, as would an OSS gaming night
(assuming we determined what games would be played ahead of time so we
wouldn't waste a lot of time getting everyone set up).
etank also mentioned at OLF the possibility of doing a meeting where we go
through some of the videos on to start learning
python (or something else).

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Steven Walter <stevenrwalter at>wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Eric Lake <ericlake at> wrote:
> > Some of us were able to make it to OLF this year and it was awesome
> (IMHO).
> > One thing that they had there was an Open Movie theater. HP put this on
> and
> > it was set up to showcase movies about FOSS or ones that were made using
> > FOSS. I think that this would be a good thing to do for us as a meeting
> > soon. We could pick a movie, eat some popcorn, geek out, etc. The movies
> > that I have in mind are the following:
> > Silicon Valley
> > Revolution OS
> > Anti-Trust
> > What other movies can you think of. My understanding is that Pixar uses a
> > farm of Linux boxes to render their movies. We could open it up to these
> > movies too and bring your whole family.
> I'm all about Pixar movies :-)
> > On a similar note some of us have discussed having a set day and time for
> > meetings. We were thinking something like the 3rd Saturday of the month.
> > That way we can all schedule around this time and we will be able to get
> > used to meeting on a regular basis. One thing that we would need to
> decide
> > on is a place to meet. It would be best to have a place that we could go
> to
> > all of the time so that we don't have to look for a new location each
> month.
> > What are your thoughts, concerns, criticisms, ideas?
> I like the idea of having semi-regular meetings.  Third Saturday of
> the month is as good as any other weekend time.
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