Release party plans

Jordan Keyes jkeyes0 at
Thu Nov 13 19:03:14 GMT 2008

since it's 2-5pm, snack food would be best. I could probably work out some
chips/dip, chips/salsa, or cookies or something. Thoughts on that?

I have a feeling if we make this a "family event" there will be little
discussion about the actual release, or else the significant others will
become bored very quickly. It is a party, though, so we could keep the
geekspeak to a minimum.

Silicon Valley would be good. We could also have at our disposal the
different projects from the Blender guys (elephant's dream, buck the bunny)
like they had at OLF.

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 1:56 PM, Eric Lake <ericlake at> wrote:

> So what do you all think we should have at the party this weekend? I'm
> thinking some kind of snack food for sure. I know that some want a cheese
> cake. I will see if I can convince my wife to make one. I will plan to bring
> a few 2 liters of Coke too. If you plan to bring something please reply
> (reply all please) to this thread so that we do not all bring the same
> thing.
> Should we say that this is a family event and that we should bring kids
> (all ages), wives, husbands, etc? We could set up a few stations with the
> new Ibex on the and let the kids have a gaming are if we want. It would be
> kinda cool I think.
> I will try to bring a movie too (Silicon Valley maybe) and we can watch it
> if we get a chance and there is a desire to do so.
> I am really hoping that this will be the first of a long string of regular
> meetings. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.
> p.s. Don't forget to bring a friend if you can.
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> Thanks,
> Eric Lake
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